Reframing the importance of weight and why that number on your scale (likely) doesn’t matter

I was going to do a post on Insta about this (still might), but it seemed better said as a relatively short blog post.  The other day, I got on the scale at my doctor's office when I went in for a sick visit (I battle chronic sinus infections this time of year brought on... Continue Reading →


What’s harder than running an ultra? Running a half marathon through a Nor’easter. Cape Cod Half Marathon Race Recap

It was literally the worst of times.  The worst weather I've ever run in and the worst time I've ever clocked in a half.  By a lot.  Was there a "best of times" for the Cape Cod Half? I wouldn't go that far.  I would say that I learned a lot about how far I've... Continue Reading →


As part of my #Skirt Sports Ambassadorship, we have opportunities to complete certain "challenges" and receive points toward rewards.  I am enjoying the challenges, which range from posting a review of a Skirt product on social media, to posting a funny ode to your first Skirt product, to posting about a #NeverDo.  This last one... Continue Reading →

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