Mud, Cow Pies, the Fires of Hell, and Drug Dealing on the Trails – Finger Lakes 50s 25K Race Report

It's been a long time since I've blogged, but I had to write down my thoughts in the wake of this year's goal race - the Finger Lakes 50s 25K - otherwise known as the race run in the Sixth Circle of Hell.  I'm being only slightly dramatic.  I've been working toward this goal all... Continue Reading →


Miles to Pennies Challenge – running for something bigger than myself

I wanted to write a quick post to further spread the word about the miles to pennies challenge I am involved in.  This project is the brainchild of the fabulous and inspiring Izzo Brothers, otherwise known as Izzo Ultra Running.  It's a pretty simple concept: for every mile you run, you put a penny in a... Continue Reading →


As part of my #Skirt Sports Ambassadorship, we have opportunities to complete certain "challenges" and receive points toward rewards.  I am enjoying the challenges, which range from posting a review of a Skirt product on social media, to posting a funny ode to your first Skirt product, to posting about a #NeverDo.  This last one... Continue Reading →

Knowing when to say “no”

I know it may seem odd to start off a blog that has the tagline "Inspiration through action" with a post about inaction, yet here we are.  And I am odd, so get used to it.  My plan for this blog is to talk a lot about saying "yes"  as a life philosophy, but today,... Continue Reading →

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