Keep Moving Forward

As we hit the the end of another year in the life, we all tend to take stock of the last 365 days and turn our eye toward the goals and aspirations for the next year.  For me, I’m seeing this year as less of an isolated set of days and the new year as a “brand new start,” and instead taking the big picture view of the last few years just rolling forward, with the new year being a continuation of my evolution as a person, a mother, a partner, and an athlete.  Life, if we are lucky to live long enough, is really the ultimate ultramarathon.  We just keep putting one foot in front of the other in a relentless pursuit of progress within our community and on our own little patch of earth.  We keep moving through whatever challenges arise and when we stumble or need to rest in order to allow ourselves to further progress down the road, we do that as well.  Some years are training years, some years encompass the race we’ve been training for, and then we go into another training mode for future “races.”  We also help others we may see out on the trail by giving them a “good job” either metaphorically or literally.  Perhaps why I like ultras is because it’s really a metaphor for life.  This isn’t a novel concept, I realize.  So, 2018 was another loop on a continually looped course.  2018 was certainly a race year for me.  I accomplished a lot, I flourished, I made new friends, I put myself out there more than I have in prior years with surprisingly meaningful results, but those prior years were just the training for the many times I broke out of my comfort zone this year and they were just as important.  Now I will roll forward into 2019 continuing to be grateful for all the things that my intentional embracing of this life, my growing community, and my children bring into this loop I’m running.   And trying not to take for granted that it can all change in an instant, so we better make the most of it.  May you continue to run your own race.  See you in 2019!


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